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Track Review: Hollow // Luhan Si Hadin

Drawing together elements of emo, folk and alternative pop with dark undertones, Luhan Si Hadin has a boundary-breaking sound for the masses. The US-based non-binary singer-songwriter aims to use music as a catharsis for “nerdy listeners”. While this is our first time listening to Luhan Si Hadin, they have started building a reputation for moving music. Featured on The Other Side Reviews and various playlists, their tunes are being heard far and wide. The latest addition to their discography is ‘Hollow’.

Following their debut single ‘An Apology’, Luhan Si Hadin adopts an alternative pop with dark pop sentiments in ‘Hollow’. Highlighting their innovativeness as an artist, ‘Hollow’ moves from an upbeat ukulele-picking sound to a soft, smooth and flowing melody in ‘Hollow’. Yet, while there is a melodic flow to the new single, Luhan Si Hadin shows a unique haunting in the gothic, synth-inspired beats. The strong synth-inspired influence is only one side to a multi-faceted melody. Weaving acoustic piano and string sections into the tune, ‘Hollow’ seeks a delicate balance between organic and electronic – a sonic search for self-identity, if you will.

When speaking about ‘Hollow’, Luhan Si Hadin shares that the song is a “soundtrack for your self-destructive tendencies…” The lightness of their voice carefully placed along the obscure melody hypnotises the listener with an eclectic darkness. Seductive, sinister and intimate, ‘Hollow’ reaches into your soul, squeezes your heart and leaves you gasping for breath…. but you’ll enjoy every second.

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