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Track Review: Hollow // Ollie Twohill

Having been told by his parents that he could sing before talking, singer-songwriter Ollie Twohill is a natural musical talent. From his dynamic instrumentation to the hard-hitting, poetic lyricism, the Australian native ensnares your senses and takes you on a sonic journey through his melodies. Known for his energetic live performances, Ollie Twohill is building a loyal following from gigs; however, he is also building a presence across the globe with airplay on international radio stations, features in notable press, and added to various playlists. The latest addition to his critically acclaimed discography is the single ‘Hollow’.

While Ollie Twohill is technically a one-man act where he sings, plays the guitar, and uses both feet on a stomp box, looping pedal and high-hat cymbal, he defers to a team when recording releases. Bringing the talents of siblings Lawson Hamilton (bass) and Blair Hamilton (drums), the lads bring a more robust, full-bodied dimension to the melodic arrangements. In ‘Hollow’, Ollie and his crew fuse elements of alternative rock, pop rock and indie-rock in the composition.

Influenced by the likes of John Mayer, Avril Lavigne, Blink 182 and Foo Fighters, Ollie’s music has a nostalgic leaning to the pop rock sounds of the 90s/early 2000s. Following the single ‘Neverland’, ‘Hollow’ is a tapping into the old-school rock tones of Foo Fighters with the brashness of Blink 182 woven into the melody. Yet, while there is a reminiscence of iconic rock bands of yesteryear, Ollie Twohill and the Hamilton brothers bring a modern-day edginess to the track.  The melody can hold its own as a rock tune, but it is the poetic lyricism that highlights the depth of the artist.

Touching on relationships and the emotions of a breakup, ‘Hollow’ explores the confusion, frustration, despair and hopelessness involved in ending a romance. Ollie Twohill explains that the single “was inspired by a relationship breakup where my partner at the time decided to abruptly end it. I was completely shocked and blindsided even though it was an amicable parting of ways…thinking back to those feelings and the situation, I decided to write a song about it and how I felt at the time; it was a hollow feeling…it is a topic that most people can relate to…”

Sincere, sentimental, reflective and brutally honest, Ollie Twohill sends your soul soaring with his new single ‘Hollow’.

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