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Track Review: Homesick // Love Ghost

Leaning towards the iconic pop-punk and emo sounds of the late-90s/early 2000s, US-based group Love Ghost has a powerful, rich and bold musical repertoire. The thing is, Love Ghost is so much more than a simple band from Los Angeles. Since their introduction in 2019, the lads have turned heads and made massive waves in the music industry from North America to South America, Asia and Europe. Moreover, they are receiving global critical acclaim from America’s Alternative Press to Italy’s Evrapress Magazine and the UK’s Rising Artists Blog (to name but a few).

While I can compare Love Ghost to artists like Taking Back Sunday, Senses Fail, Good Charlotte and Weezer, there is an obscurity that exists giving them a sound that is purely Love Ghost. To fully understand the power of this band, it is necessary to sit back and listen to their material at full volume – the latest track is the single ‘Homesick’. Following the well-received song ‘Puppet’, ‘Homesick’ is steadier, smoother and more heartfelt. Interestingly enough, while the melodic arrangement is bold and filled with attitude, it has a tenderness making it a strong rock ballad.

A fan of this band and genre, I am thrilled to hear anything new from Love Ghost. The pounding drums harmonically flow into heavy guitars while retaining a soft, gentle vibe. Add frontman Finnegan Bell’s rich vocals and you have a song to send your soul soaring on a fluffy sonic cloud. Yet, while the track has you heading off into the ethereal atmosphere, ‘Homesick’ also slithers in through your ear and gives you a powerful shake taking your breath away. Moreover, while there is a spine-chilling quality to ‘Homesick’ you would have Love Ghost make you tremble over and over again.

Sincere, sentimental, introspective and tender, Love Ghost explores human fragility with their brutally raw single ‘Homesick’. The chances of me seeing Love Ghost perform is slim but I am certain they would be a great sight to behold.

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