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Track Review: Hopeless Shit // Brain Donation

For the past five years (give or take), Dublin-based trio Brain Donation has been sharing its energetic sound with the masses. This might be my first taste of Brain Donation, but their hard-hitting music has made its way across Eastern Europe, the UK and Ireland without too much complaint. Combining elements of post-punk, melodic metal, alternative rock and everything that makes for loud, loud music, Brain Donation is a gut-wrenching experience. The latest addition to Brain Donation is ‘Hopeless Shit’.

If The Strokes were to meet Arctic Monkeys and Ash, the collaborative effort would probably be something like ‘Hopeless Shit’. Filled with pounding drums and dynamic guitars, the single is brash and fast-paced with a primal quality in the harmonic melody. Yes, Brain Donation pulls you into a kaleidoscopic whirlpool of sound with dozens of lights blasting before your eats; however, there is a certain chilled out-ness in the aggressive song. Doesn’t make sense, does it? I guess that’s the toe-tapping trio brushing you off with a dismissive hand.

A sonic representation of leering gents stalking nightclubs for fast kicks, ‘Hopeless Shit’ has a raw honesty in its abrupt sound. The bold vocals do add a sense of frustration acknowledging the hopelessness of their shitty behaviour, but it also and endearing robustness in that acknowledgement. What I find particularly interesting is how the single swells to a sonic climax waiting for release, but the only release found is an abrupt end. It leaves a lingering “what the hell just happened” confusion and I do hope I hear it live in all its anthemic glory.

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