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Track Review: Hoping For The Best // Soda Cracker Jesus

From the International Singer-Songwriters Association’s Television Network Channel and VH1’s Top Twenty Countdown to PopFad Blog, The Other Side Reviews, Roadie Music and YMX, musician Regan Lane is reaching audiences on commercial and independent publications. In fact, we have also featured him previously enjoying his work as Soda Cracker Jesus. Drawing together tinges of Kinks, late-era Beatles and Pink Floyd, this US-based artist has an obscure and inimitable sound. The latest addition to his well-received discography is the single ‘Hoping For The Best’.

Following his critically acclaimed track ‘Kaleidoscope’, Soda Cracker Jesus adopts an upbeat, hard-hitting sound in ‘Hoping For The Best’. Far more “in your face” than ‘Kaleidoscope’, the powerful drums meld seamlessly with pounding drums and obscure vocals. Yet, while there is an old-school punked-out sound to the track, Soda Cracker Jesus retains a sonic edge with his leaning to contemporary prog-rock…. or at least that’s my opinion.

While the melodic arrangement can send you spiralling in a sonic whirlpool, it is the lyrical content that packs the bigger punch. In a hazy soundscape, Soda Cracker Jesus explores human complexity and fragility in ‘Hoping For The Best’. Using a personal narrative about “finding one’s way”, Soda Cracker Jesus touches on the sadness and anxiety when lost in life. The thing is, despite touching on the sadness a person navigates unknown waters, ‘Hoping For The Best’ continues to point to the glass being half-full. A sense of empowerment within a wild swirl of confusion.

Raw, passionate and powerful, Soda Cracker Jesus ensnares your senses with ‘Hoping For The Best’. I can’t wait to see (or rather hear) what else he has in store.

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