Track Review: Hugo M. Hardy // Trainspotting

With only three singles in his discography, Hugo M. Hardy is a relatively new artist in the music scene; however, the maturity of his sound makes it seem as if he’s been around for ages. Receiving accolades for his work, Hugo has been featured on notable publications like RGM, When The Horn Blows and Turtle Tempo. Following his critically acclaimed single ‘Swallow Your Words’, this singer-songwriter offers another moving ballad in ‘Trainspotting’.

Reminiscent of acts like Eliot Smith and James Blake, Hugo M. Hardy’s music is gentle and soothing but with a poignancy and relatability that can leave you crying in the corner. Now, this is not because you are sad but rather that the song touches one’s soul in a beautifully unbearable way. This is ‘Trainspotting’.

“‘Trainspotting is a song about the nostalgic feeling of watching the people around me growing up and feeling like the glory days are behind us. It’s quite self-reflective and also hints towards me questioning whether I’ve made the right decisions or whether I could be doing things better. I think it’s a feeling that lots of mid-20 people seem to be going through at the moment.” – Hugo M. Hardy on ‘Trainspotting’

A simple piano-driven track, ‘Trainspotting’ is fueled by impassioned sincerity without too many distractions. Yet, it is this simplicity that merely fuels the complex and intricate lyricism creating a balance between tranquil and tormented. Hugo’s melodic voice adds a haunting quality to the track oozing confusion, pain, frustration and raw honesty in an utterly beguiling manner. If this is anything to go by, I look forward to Hugo’s future work.

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