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Track Review: Human Remains // Nobody’s Wolf Child

Slithering into our ears with her debut single ‘The Fall’, UK-based artist Nobody’s Wolf Child has kept us hypnotised for the past 18 months (give or take). From ‘The Devil’s Gold’ to ‘Big Bad Wolf’, we continue to be astounded by this talented artist, and we aren’t the only ones. Singing her praises, she has been described as “surreal…strong and edgy” (Rock Era Magazine), “fierce…” (Less Than 1000 Followers) and a “…mesmerising blend of epicore, industrial pop and the Dresden indie sound…” (TJPL News). Dark and decadent, infectious and intoxicating, Nobody’s Wolf Child stands alone as a unique artist.

Following her single ‘Nobody’s’, ‘Human Remains’ shifts Nobody’s Wolf Child to a harder, darker, more brash combination of hard rock and melodic metal; however, a sliver of electropop remains lurking in the background. What I find interesting is how the clash of heavier sounds has a crashing, gritty tone but also offers a soothing harmony between the guitars and drums. Slices of distorted guitars pierce the melody creating a disconcerting sensation, but it all retains this soothing pound of hard-hitting music.

While ‘Human Remains’ takes a different turn for Nobody’s Wolf Child, her skin-tingling, soul-stirring, breath-taking vocals continue to sweep us into oblivion. I previously compared her vocal prowess as reminiscent of Evanescence’s Amy Lee, but that reminiscence falls away with ‘Human Remains’. Bolder, stronger and more vivaciously tantalising, Nobody’s Wolf Child’s vocals seep into our veins with complete originality.

Just as the melody hits you between the eyes, the poetic lyricism is just as powerful. The single is the debut of the Wolf Comanche, “one of the nine wolves that walk in the shadows alongside the Wolf Child. A figure of stoic wisdom and justice…he witnesses humanity embroiled in its own internal conflicts…a haunting portrait of lost and rootless people desperately seeking solace amidst a world consumed by greed, petty lust, and self-hate…” Powerful and bold, ‘Human Remains’ stands strong as an experimental hard rock song. Yet, while there is strength in the moving melody, Nobody’s Wolf Child fills the track with a desperate oozing of frustration, pain, fear, loathing and despair.

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