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Track Review: Hysteria // Abby London

Described as quirky, mischievous, witty, honest and edgy, Abby Londons music makes her a sonic gem in a pile of stones. Ranging from self-reflection and discovery to political parody, her alternative-pop style touches all types of audiences. In fact, her music is a catharsis that all people can learn from as she moves from self-doubt and addictions to the path of happiness. The latest addition to her well-received discography is the single ‘Hysteria’.

The second single of 2022, ‘Hysteria’ follows her tender and heartfelt song ‘Miss Him The Most’. In ‘Hysteria’, Abby takes a provocative stance touching on the “frustration with mainstream news media and the people who follow it without question…” Abby’s aim with this new track is not only to point out how mainstream news can be negative but how the repetition of bad news results in a frenzied state of hysteria among the public. Controversial, no doubt, but a profound issue that is evident in today’s society.

“I never would have imagined the world would be how it is now. Rights given up so willingly without a fight, without a valid explanation, the disregard for religious freedom, the contempt for those who exercise their individual thought and those with disabilities…there continue to be situations that make me ponder if I am caught up in hysteria?” – Abby London

What I love about Abby London is her eclecticism and obscurity, and this is evident in ‘Hysteria’. While the arrangement expresses her sense of frustration, the movements from bold electronic beats to a light-hearted acoustic piano is ethereal and unexpected. One might call it creepy or eerie as her haunting vocals elegantly set you adrift on a river of sound; I just think it’s incredibly innovative and showcases Abby’s natural musical talent.

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