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Track Review: I Don’t Need You To Save Me // Stay For Tomorrow

If you are a fan of Biffy Clyro, Twin Atlantic or Kings of Leon, the chances are high you will love Stay For Tomorrow. Energetic, enthusiastic and engaging, the Scottish quartet are fusing elements of indie rock with alternative rock – perfect for the kid lying between Foo Fighters and Oasis in their taste. Known for their hard-hitting performances, the group has developed a strong following both locally and internationally. Plus, the features on The Other Side Reviews, Amazing Radio and various other playlists are a bit of help. The fact is, they don’t need too much help to impress listeners, they just need to pump out more anthemic tunes. The latest to their list is ‘I Don’t Need You To Save Me’.

Upbeat is too small a description for Stay For Tomorrow’s latest single. It isn’t upbeat, it’s an exhilarating storm of music bursting through your speakers. Powerful guitar riffs and pounding drums hit you from the get-go and don’t let go until the end. Atop this mixture of thunderous alt-rock, vocalist and rhythm guitarist Joe MacFarlane adds his rich, bold and emotive vocals tossing you into a turbulent river of sound. What I find most intriguing about the tune is how each element receives prominence but still flows into a harmonic whole that is pretty easy on the ears.

Yes, the melody is important but lyricism does play a role. Stay For Tomorrow showcase their profoundness and innovativeness in the poignant lyrics. The band explain that “‘I Don’t Need You To Save Me’ is an empowering indie rock song. The lyrics drive a story about overcoming and stepping away from a toxic relationship. It addresses the struggles that many face and the importance of rebuilding your self-worth”. Joe’s vocals truly represent this struggle with their gruffness but there is a sense of empowerment shining through the desperate situation – I guess that’s what they were going for.

In addition to their single, Stay For Tomorrow released an animated video for ‘I Don’t Need You To Save Me’. The video portrays the band’s journey as a touring group performing in Europe, but that isn’t what fate had planned. Becoming lost they land up performing in the Middle East, and then somewhere else… let’s say it’s an Intergalactic Tour. What I particularly enjoy about the video is how effective the simplistic animation is in defining each character’s personality. It is as if you are taken along and get to know the band through emotion, style and design. Alright, I’m not very good at describing videos, but there’s a personal touch to Stay For Tomorrow’s production.

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