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Track Review: I Love The Way // Ben Pratt

Along with his experience writing music for film and media to performances alongside the RAF, UK-based Ben Pratt has some diversity in his portfolio. Yet, it is not his performances or film scores that we are interested in. No, we are looking at Ben as a singer-songwriter and trombonist. Inspired by a melting pot of genres ranging from funk to gospel, Ben Pratt has developed a unique and obscure sound. Featured on The Other Side Reviews and numerous playlists, Ben is reaching people across the blogosphere – gotta love the internet! Come with us as we delve into one of his latest tracks ‘I Love The Way’.

Typically writing songs from an objective perspective, Ben’s music connects with listeners but without personal evocativeness. What I mean is, his music can capture your heart, but he prefers to avoid personal feelings in its composition. ‘I Love The Way’ is not Ben’s typical style.

Following his sombre single ‘Lost’, ‘I Love The Way’ adopts a more flowing and slightly merrier sound. Yet, despite the mellow pop style, there is a juxtaposition between the bright tones and poignant lyricism. Reminiscent of John Legend, this acoustic-inspired piano-driven track reaches into your soul, grabs you by the heart and before long has you weeping…so I sometimes tear up to John Legend songs. Doesn’t everyone?

Touching on the issue of toxic relationships, ‘I Love The Way’ is a heartfelt sonic depiction of where “one side gives just enough to keep the other under their grasp without commitment.” Exploring manipulation, pain, anxiety and vulnerability, Ben navigates the fragility of humans in difficult romances. Delicate and complex, ‘I Love The Way’ has a thought-provoking profoundness highlighting the artist’s depth and genuineness.

Brutally honest and painfully sincere, Ben Pratt exposes his soul in the sentimental ‘I Love The Way’.

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