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Track Review: I Need Help // Kin Crew

All the way from Canada to your home wherever you are, Kin Crew spew a pop-punk meets pop-rock sound through Spotify (at least, that’s where I discovered them). Lying somewhere between Foo Fighters, Maroon 5 and Good Charlotte, the award-winning artist/producer duo nods to sounds of the 90s but with a contemporary twist. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Roadie Music and several radio stations (online and mainstream), Kin Crew is reaching audiences across the globe. The latest track to their discography is the single ‘I Need Help’.

With the title ‘I Need Help’ and these words being repeated in catchy choruses, one would assume the song to be one of angst, turmoil and inner conflict. The thing is, it isn’t anything of the sort. Touching on issues of romance, love and utter dedication, ‘I Need Help’ exposes that insanely beautiful devotion to your beloved. It is this combination of “I am so lost in my life” and “I am so happy with my life” that showcases Kin Crew’s innovativeness.

I’ll admit, I always dreamed of the scenario where you meet someone at school, fall hopelessly and find yourselves dancing to your “song” almost a decade later. No dice for me, but I am glad others experience it. The smooth, rich vocals in ‘I Need Help’ ooze a sugary sweetness placing you in a comforting bubble of loved-up joy; however, it is not only the tone of the vocals that make this song smashing, it’s also the instrumentation. With a hard-hitting boldness, guitars complement the dulcet tones while bring their own power to the fore.

The first single off their upcoming EP, ‘I Need Help’ is not a track you can adequately describe with words…not really. This single is one you need to feel as it teeters between youthful innocence and sophisticated maturity in its harmonies.

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