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Track Review: I Taught You How To Dream // Leanna Oki

Described by notable blogs as profound, dreamy, empowering and having emotive musicality, Leanna Oki slathers charming melodies with an intense intimacy. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Rising Artists Blog, Canadian Beats, Clout, YMX, Lefuturewave and various playlists, the singer-songwriter is reaching listeners far beyond her Canadian borders. Fusing elements of old-school R&B with contemporary pop, Leanna has an eclectic and intriguing sound. The latest addition to her discography is the single ‘I Taught You How To Dream’.

Inspired by life in its entirety, Leanna Oki adds her personal stamp on all of her music. Using a personal narrative, Leanna connects with listeners taking them on a journey throughout a surreal sonic forest. ‘I Taught You How To Dream’ is a particularly interesting track as it touches on heartbreak, despair and anxiety; however, also has an element of empowerment in the melody.

‘I Taught You How To Dream’ is a single about a relationship where her partner “who never had dreams at night until their relationship began” – an interesting concept. Yet, while this is an optimistic concept, the ending of this relationship left her in the dark and she shares this through her music. As with many people who live through breakups, Leanna Oki found herself feeling despair and searching for a way to deal with the experience – ‘I Taught You How To Dream’ is her catharsis. She explains that the track is “…about embracing her light after being left in the dark for far too long.”

Following her 2021 track ‘Warning Signs’, ‘I Taught You How To Dream’ is Leanna’s first single in 2022. Unlike the upbeat ‘Warning Signs’, ‘I Taught You How To Dream’ is an evolution in Leanna’s sound. Yes, the consistent electronic-influenced pop sound acts as a foundation for the melody; however, there is a stronger R&B influence in the textured arrangement. Leanna’s vocal execution stands out with its soulful, emotive and heart-breaking sound. The melody can hold its own, but her tender tones intoxicate you and take you on a harmonic journey with its intense intimacy.

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