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Track Review: I Wanna Be Overrated // YNES

I can’t describe how much I love YNES music. Full of sarcastic wit and uplifting melodies, they 

make me want to tear through the day and feel better about myself. I was enthused when I found that she has another new song called “I Wanna Be Overrated” so let’s see what this is like.

Well, I absolutely love this song. It’s a punk rock smasher that starts off with a snarling vocal and biting lyrics: “I want my name to taste sour / I wanna be truly hated by someone other than myself, I wanna be Overrated.” It’s encouraging the listener to be themselves no matter what other people think. But as the last chorus comes in,  her true feelings spill out, and it is very well done. 

The song is taken from her upcoming EP “Born Loser” and judging by this song, it’s going to be a cracker.

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