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Track Review: If These Walls Could Talk // Wayne Baker Brooks

The youngest song of iconic blues guitarist Lonnie Brooks, it makes sense that Wayne Baker Brooks would have a flair for the blues. Melding elements of R&B, pop and the blues, Wayne Baker Brooks invented a unique sound standing out amidst the rest. With powerful vocals and mind-blowing guitar, the Chicago native is breaking boundaries with his genre-defying music. The latest addition to his critically acclaimed career is the single ‘If These Walls Could Talk’.

Produced with Ethan Farmer (Janet Jackson, Lionel Richie) and Rob Lewis (New Kids On The Block, Christina Aguilera), ‘If These Walls Could Talk’ is a slice of Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton and B.B. King with undertones of 90s boyband pop-esque influences. A steady and smooth track, ‘If These Walls Could Talk’ builds a heartwarming ambience placing you immediately in a harmonic swirl of sound. Yet, while the single is flowing it is the execution of the poetic lyricism that makes the song poignant.

Touching on elements of toxic relationships, guilt and inner turmoil, Wayne shares his personal experience of a negative relationship. The conversational nature of his narrative makes the track engaging but also exposes the raw honesty beneath the lyrics. His rough vocals add a gut-wrenching quality to ‘If These Walls Could Talk’ as he speaks about the guilt felt when attempting to end the relationship; however, the dulcet tone also enhances the passion felt for his new love. With a broad Etta James style, the richness of the track takes you on a journey from unhappiness to joviality in only three minutes.

The powerful vocals and clever arrangement do influence the sound, but it is Wayne’s guitar solos that strike a lingering sincerity in ‘If These Walls Could Talk’. Showcasing his blues heritage, the catchy riffs add a sensual lick to Wayne’s new single. I love it!

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