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Track Review: If You Don’t Mind // Romain Gutsy

Already capturing our eye with his single ‘My Only Love’, we at Nexus Music Blog know about Romain Gutsy’s unique sound – and you totally should be too. Along with European Times, Less Than 1000 Followers, Sinusoidal Music and various playlists/radio stations, Romain is reaching more people across the globe. I mean, we are important but a large loyal following is definitely worthwhile. An established artist, French-born Romain Gutsy has performed with bands such as Les Affamé, Daffy Plays Mandola, Soul Asylum and Calvin Russel. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘If You Don’t Mind’.

Recorded with South African music professional Marc Bentel, ‘If You Don’t Mind’ is a composition layering Romain’s rich vocals atop an obscure melody. Using a folk-inspired guitar alongside drums and a banjo, there is an eclecticism in the simplistic tune. The thing is, while the track has a minimalist soundscape, it retains a kaleidoscopic nature making for an intriguing listen.

Truth be told, it is difficult to describe ‘If You Don’t Mind’ with Romain’s “pink-plonk” finger-picking style beneath smooth, warm and soothing vocals. Listening to it seems a little off-centre as you tap your toe to the folk melody, but also feel the sweetness of Romain’s dulcet tones fill your chest. Either way, it is an amazing ride from beginning to end.

While the melody can hold its own, it is the poetic lyricism that brings a flair to ‘If You Don’t Mind’. Romain explains that the song makes you reflect on “…the ‘truth’ contained in the expression ‘sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll’. What if being free would include freedom from drugs, sex addiction, politics and greed? What if being a nice fellow would be a component of rebelliousness?”

Sincere, sentimental and introspective, ‘If You Don’t Mind’ is an indie-folk masterpiece made to be listened to on repeat.

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