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Track Review: I’ll Miss You // The DePatie Melt

For the past 40 years, guitarist John DePatie has been sharing his unique classic rock meets jazz sound with the masses. Having worked with the likes of Nancy Sinatra, Leif Garrett, Richard Street (Temptations), Leif Garrett, Greg Walker (Santana) and Don Randi (Wrecking Crew) DePatie has quite an impressive resume. Yet, while the veteran musician has his experience leading groups such as Corazon de Leon, we are going to look at his most recent project – The DePatie Melt.

Described as “a band of rotating musicians formed by John DePatie to play his original music”, The DePatie Melt is a collaboration between talented singer-songwriters, multi-instrumentalists and producers. Well-received by critics across the globe, the US-based band has featured on The Other Side Reviews, Troubadour Music News, Rising Artists Blog reaching audiences of all ages. Today I have the honour of bringing you their debut single ‘I’ll Miss You’.

Collaborating with songwriter Terri Knudsen, mixer Aaron Bagley, keyboardist Don Randi and vocalist Jody Bagley, ‘I’ll Miss You’ is a heartwarming track with a rather interesting arrangement. Unlike most tracks that cross my virtual desk, this single is predominantly instrumental with the vocals being a small feature in the middle. Noted as an inspiration of Queen’s ‘Bijou’, the keyboard-driven song focuses on the beauty of instruments without ditching lyrical value. The vocals may be short, but it is the placement of this element that showcases innovativeness.

“It’s got much more of a classical influence than anything else I’ve ever written. I was trying to get a little bit of a Queen sound mixed with Jeff Beck’s interpretation of ‘Nessun Dorma’.” – John DePatie on ‘I’ll Miss You’

Practically raised on Chicago, Uriah Heep, Magna Carta and George Benson, I instantly felt a fondness for ‘I’ll Miss You’. A ballad of sorts, the strong keyboard and dynamic guitar create a simplistic and charming soundscape; however, it is Jody’s sincere vocals that add something special in a nostalgic melancholy.

It’s near impossible to describe the exquisite ‘I’ll Miss You’ with its soul-stirring quality, but here’s a fact that might illustrate the power of this song. There are few songs that truly take my breath away leaving goosebumps on my arms and chills down my spine – ‘I’ll Miss You’ is one of these. I have only two criticisms: firstly, the song is far too short! Next, it makes me well up with tears each time I hit the play button. It’s just….wow!

Quick note: The DePatie Melt is working with the Epilepsy Foundation to raise both awareness and money for research with their next single ‘The Song We Will Remember’. It will be released the day after what would have been the 22nd birthday of a friend who died from SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy). Check out more details on their official website.

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