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Track Review: In A Haunted House // Filiah

Using deeply personal narratives, tender melodies and soothing sounds, Filiah connects with listeners on a more intimate level. Based in Vienna, Austria, the singer-songstress creates, records and produces her music enhancing the sentimentality of the tracks. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Sinusoidal Music, York Calling and Less Than 1000 Followers (to name but a few blogs), Filiah is gaining a global following. The latest addition to her critically acclaimed repertoire is ‘In A Haunted House’.

Following her track ’27’, Filiah adopts a folk-inspired acoustic tone in ‘In A Haunted House’. The third single from her upcoming concept album For Someone, the single touches on elements of breaking patterns, making changes and hopefulness for the future. Filiah explains that ‘In A Haunted House’ “…feels like a trip through my diary entries. Seeing this whole past toxic relationship of mine pass by me again just made me realise that fighting for this one person had me ending up really tired. I’m saying on final goodbye and making peace with a ghost I’ve held on to for a long time.”

Using a delicate melody, this siren songstress merges the intensity of Joni Mitchell with the vulnerability of Joan Baez. Filiah’s ethereal vocals enhance the poignancy of the song as they weave through the kaleidoscopic tapestry of sound. Nostalgic and reflective, there is a melancholic element; however, like a silver lining, the message of empowerment and overcoming challenges shines through. Filiah also shares that as the final song on her new album, ‘In A Haunted House’ “…ends on a much lighter note than the rest reminding me that trusting in people again is the hardest yet bravest thing you can do.”

In addition to the single, Filiah released an official music video for ‘In A Haunted House’. The video can be seen on her YouTube channel.

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