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Track Review: INPHLUX // Queen of the Weekend

Considering the sophistication of their work, it is difficult to believe that INPHLUX was only formed last year. Combining contemporary indie-rock with dance music, this foursome is a melding of The Foals and The Strokes. While ‘Queen of the Weekend’ is their debut track, Alex Jones, Mike Bainbridge, George Campbell and Sarah Pollitt are already trawling the emerging Liverpool indie-rock scene.

‘Queen of the Weekend’ is INPHLUX’s first release in 2020 and, as mentioned, their debut single. Recorded at 3rd Planet Studios, the track was mastered by industry professional Robin Schmidt – the same guy who mastered albums for Liam Gallagher and The 1975. Not bad considering the band is relatively new.

If you were to listen to the first few seconds and chorus, you might consider ‘Queen of the Weekend’ a synth-driven track; however, that’s not really the case. Reminiscent of Foals with some 1980s post-punk undertones, INPHLUX is breeding a new type of indie-rock for the 21st century. Catchy, upbeat and enthralling, this is a song that fills your soul and makes the day that much better. I have not seen this group perform, but if the anthemic ‘Queen of the Weekend’ is anything to go by I am certain they can rock sold-out stadiums!

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