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Track Review: Insane For A Moment // Karen Harding

Describing music as soul conversations where “the masks that we hide behind slip away”, singer-songwriter Karen Harding captures self-doubt, anxiety, and inner turmoil in a charming folk tune. Yet, while the melodies are a catharsis for negative emotions (which we all feel at some point), there is optimism and hopefulness lurking in the dark (which we all need to feel at some point). From the aptly titled ‘Anxiety’ to ‘Drive Away’ and ‘It’s Okay’, Harding explores the anxiety, fearfulness and vulnerability people often prefer to avoid speaking about and brings the bubble of insecurity up for everyone to explore. The latest addition to her cathartic conversations is ‘Insane For A Moment’.

Inspired by the likes of Tracy Chapman, Leonard Cohen and Sarah McLaughlin, the Australian-based songstress embraces the intimacy and tenderness of folk music. With her natural storytelling skills, Harding reaches into your soul, tears at your heart and leaves you with a breath-taking sense of “someone really understands”. Drawing on personal experiences, Harding is not telling you what she thinks you’re going through but expresses her inner angst through her music. So really, someone does understand. In ‘Insane For A Moment’, she explores the complexities of our minds during moments of insecurity; how we can be our own worst enemy or best friend.

Despite building a signature folk style with her melodies, Karen Harding flaunts her innovative versatility by traipsing across various genres. In ‘Greener On The Other Side’, Harding collaborates with the Cologne Chamber Orchestra adding an orchestral slice to the mix. She explores hip hop featuring on hip hop artist Serif’s track ‘Mad’. In ‘Insane For A Moment’, Harding taps into a pop side shifting to an Adele meets Taylor Swift style.

Penned, performed and produced by Harding with the vocals mixed by Edwin Kraus, ‘Insane For A Moment’ layers rhythmic percussion beats with surreal synths creating a wistful ambience. It is this wistful etherealness that captures the confusion of our inner conversations oscillating from optimism to hazy insecurity. Layered atop the melodic swirl, Harding’s bold vocals bring an upbeat richness acting as an anchor in the soulful conversation.

“’Insane For A Moment’ is a track that I had a lot of fun creating. The song reveals a new side to my songwriting and brings a more upbeat and experimental pop vibe in comparison to my previous releases. I truly wanted to capture the heart of the inner workings of a moment of insecurity and my hope is that this song can connect to the personal experiences of others.” – Karen Harding on ‘Insane For A Moment’

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