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Track Review: Intergalactic Enquiries // Beau Bowen

If you were to take Simon and Garfunkel, speed it up to evolve into an art-pop meets gothic meets “what the hell” mish-mash, then you would have Beau Bowen. Showing that opera and rock can co-exist in harmony, even with the bangs and whistles, this UK-based duo are breaking boundaries with their fresh sound. Describing their production style as “kitsch-kissed then brought to life on stage”, one can imagine the eclecticism elegantly executed within their bubble of music. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, YMX and various online radio stations, the well-received artists are building a loyal fanbase on an international level. One of the latest additions to their positively peculiar sound is the single ‘Intergalactic Enquiries’.

Combining opera vocals, synthesisers, electronic drums, dynamic guitars and every type of percussion item in the box, Beau Bowen demonstrates that songs do not need to be labelled. They show that quirkiness and eclecticism can be the core of a track instead of structured context. They show that thinking outside of the paper shed is a leap to exquisite, exciting and endearing music. It might be a little confusing at the beginning, but the abstract ambience builds on a kaleidoscopic soundscape of note! So, what do I really think of ‘Intergalactic Enquiries’?

Yes, the track perfectly executes the experimental approach note above but the duo illustrates the depth of the candy-coated cacophony. Beyond the perky, upbeat and bubblegum-flavoured surface, there is a vulnerability and exposition of human fragility. It is this layer of melodic arrangement that speaks to listeners – a bright and shiny surface but with a deeper, grimier core. What I enjoy is the explosive elements representing chaos, complexity and intricacy within the bowels of the song. It’s moving and not only within the craziness of its obscurity. Personally, I love it and cannot wait for more from this passionate pair.

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