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Track Review: Is This Love // Nathalie Miranda

With a cheeky wink and massive grin, singer-songwriter Nathalie Miranda is breathing life into the sounds of the 80s and 90s. Moving from alternative rock to sugary-sweet pop, she is highly versatile, innovative and unmistakeably unique. Quickly building a following with her bold sound, Nathalie is taking the music industry by storm receiving coverage on blogs and radio stations. Featured on Music News, Rolling Stone India, Our Sound Music, Phoenix Fm and iHeart Radio, Nathalie is reaching audiences on an international scale.

Transporting you immediately back to the bubble-gum pink world of 80s pop, Nathalie Miranda’s ‘Is This Love’ is filled with grin-inducing vibes. Upbeat, bouncy and jovial, the synth-driven tune blends elements of dance, pop and disco in a kaleidoscopic soundscape. Touching your soul with the soaring melody, it’s near impossible to not feel inspired by ‘Is This Love’. In fact, the moment you hear those bubbly tones, you can immediately envisage Whitney Houston in her bright purple dress wanting to dance with someone.

While the melody is intoxicating in itself, Nathalie Miranda’s vocals weave a silvery thread through an already brightly coloured sonic tapestry. Her rich, bold and completely distinctive voice enhances the hard-hitting nature of ‘Is This Love’. The more I listen to the song, the easier it is to jump about having fun and remembering that fluffy teased hair look. Sounds dorky, but combine teased hair, shoulder pads and powerful music and you have something to love.

So, is this really love? Nathalie Miranda has stolen my heart with her single… I think it may be true love.

 “The single has always been a nod to 80s pop and my favourite musical decade…When I heard the production for the first time I had the biggest smile on my face – the song would finally allow me to live out my 80s popstar dreams!” – Nathalie Miranda on ‘Is This Love’

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