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Track Review: It’s Okay // Karen Harding

For Australian singer-songwriter Karen Harding, music is more than a few chords and some lyrics. It is more than a song here and a note there. To singer-songwriter Karen Harding, music is everything – her passion. It is a “soul conversation that allows the masks that we hide behind to fall away for a moment of sharing…a moment of mutual understanding…” From her debut release in 2021, Karen uses her natural storytelling skills to take us on sonic journeys. The latest addition to her discography is the dual single It’s Okay.

Following her well-received single ‘Strong For You’, It’s Okay touches on life changes and the emotions we feel along these journeys. Karen Harding opens the dual single release with the song ‘It’s Okay’ exploring the “…self-frustration of believing you should be somewhere, someone or somehow different than where you are…” I’m sure all of us have, at one point or another, reflected on life and thought “what if?” Karen tells us that this is okay and completely natural; however, you must not lose yourself in the question.

Carrying on from the feelings of self-frustration, this talented songstress takes on the emotions we feel when undergoing big changes. In ‘Greener On The Other Side’, she “highlights the fears that come up with the change and questions whether what you imagine on the other side of change is the reality of how it is…”

I find this dual single intriguing as Karen follows the overwhelming journey of not feeling that you are enough but then feeling fear when faced with the chance of change. It’s provocative and sometimes confusing, but she looks at humans at their most vulnerable. Interestingly enough, while the theme is melancholic and poignant, it also oozes acceptance, optimism and empowerment.

So, the concept is fantastic, but what about the melodies? Retaining her charming folk style, listening to both tracks is like being embraced in a warm hug. Comforting and tender, Karen connects with listeners in her soothing, smooth and flowing way. Acoustic singles, ‘I’m Okay’ and ‘Greener On The Other Side’ demonstrate the beauty of simplistic approaches – a mere guitar and vocal performance can speak volumes.

‘Greener On The Other Side’ has a unique and intriguing melody as Karen collaborates with the Cologne Chamber Orchestra. Bolder, fuller and more robust, ‘Greener On The Other Side’ is a hard-hitting song. Yet, while the swell of the orchestra adds a rich dimension to the single, there is still a sense of stark acoustic sounds sending shivers down your spine.

Sincere, sentimental and brutally honest, Karen Harding shows her mastery of music in this new release.

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