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Track Review: Jack Conman // Come Back In The Room

Although Jack Conman is only in his early twenties, the young man from Hull is already building a strong reputation as an indie-rock singer-songwriter. While Jack began his musical journey at age 8 in a Nickelback cover band, it was at age 12 that he began writing music and exploring his originality as a singer-songwriter. Since signing with Warren Records at the tender age of 17, Jack has released several albums and singles as a solo artist, received critical acclaim from BBC Radio 1, and launched an independent label called Axolotl Records.

After the release of his debut EP Heddison in 2017 with the popular ‘Greatly Hasty’ and ‘Oxytocin’, Jack took time out to define his songwriting skills. As we emerge from COVID lockdown, Jack released the self-recorded and self-produced ballad ‘Come Back In The Room’. Ironically, the track was written in one hour and recorded over two days in his ex-girlfriend’s bedroom. I guess there’s no better place to compose a song about heartbreak than in the heart-breaker’s house.

A follow-up to his track ‘Sweet Julia’, ‘Come Back In The Room’ is a quintessential song of the heartbroken. Lying somewhere between Bombay Bicycle Club and Pete Doherty, ‘Come Back In The Room’ is a simple guitar-driven track bursting with passion and pain.

While Jack skillfully plucks at his guitar strings, it is his vocals that provide a melancholic sense of heart-piercing desperation. Jack points out that the song is “about someone disregarding my feelings repeatedly, followed by me leaving. I hope on my way out they’ll say ‘No, come back in the room’, but they don’t.” If that person were to hear the vulnerability of ‘Come Back In The Room’, I’m sure they’d call Jack back.

Side note: ‘Come Back In The Room’ is one of the singles from Jack Conman’s upcoming full-length album Seventh Sense Libido.

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