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Track Review: Jacko Hooper // Muttered Words

Originally writing music from his “home studio”, also known as the comfort of his own home, Jack Hooper showcases his passion for music in his authentic, honesty and compelling tunes. He began his music career when a close friend uploaded a video of him performing on YouTube; thus, making Jack an instant star. From the fortuitous video, Jack started building a loyal following with moving, passionate and heartwarming shows.

Alongside his performances with Foxes, James Bay, Passenger, Amber Run, Foxes and Kiefer Sutherland – as well as an invitation to support James Blunt at the Brighton Centre; Jack is featured in Clash Magazine, BBC Introducing and Source Magazine. The latest addition to his inspiring discography is the single ‘Muttered Words’.

With a plan to release one single every two months in 2020, Jack shares ‘Muttered Words’ as his final instalment. One element that intrigues me about ‘Muttered Words’ is how it maintains the traditional folk style, but introduces a melodic sound completely his own. I would say reminiscent of James Bay and James Blunt, but Jack stands alone in authenticity and sentimentality.

A sonic representation of this past year, ‘Muttered Words’ is a cinematic soundscape showcasing the highs and lows of 2020. A bittersweet single, ‘Muttered Words’ acts as a fitting end to what has been a difficult year for most. The simplistic combination of acoustic instrumentation and stark vocals delicately encapsulate one’s innermost emotions in a beautifully melodic way.

While the melody certainly catches one’s attention, it is the haunting vocals that enhance its earnestness and poignancy. Jack’s clear, intimate tone increases the raw honesty and genuineness of the lyrics. The delicate melding of soothing melodies with impassioned vocals makes ‘Muttered Words’ beautiful and beguiling.

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