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Track Review: Jacqueline Loor // Just Let Me Breathe

Born in Florida, USA, but now residing in Tenerife, Spain, Jacqueline Loor is an alternative pop artist with the aim of empowering listeners to embrace individuality – all through her music. Having performed in several of Miami’s hotspots like Las Rosas, Churchills and Bar Nancy, Jacqueline has earned a reputation for engaging performances and witty tunes. She has also been featured on KMS Reviews, The Other Side Reviews, Stitched In Sound and many other notable blogs increasing her fanbase at an international level. The latest single from this talented songstress is ‘Just Let Me Breathe’.

Reminiscent of Miley Cyrus, but with a distinct sensual huskiness to her vocals, ‘Just Let Me Breathe’ is just under three minutes of melodic mastery. The synth-driven track expertly uses a combination of halted synths with smooth underlying keys consciously grabbing your attention but, at the same time, placing you in a swirl of sound. The haziness does not clear, but it certainly doesn’t engulf you making this rather unique amidst electropop tracks.

While the instrumentation complements Jacqueline’s haunting vocals, it is the lyricism that truly touches a person. Touching on issues of empowerment and “forging one’s own path”, Jacqueline uses witty lyricism with harmonic backing to share an important message. We have to add that producer Will Evans contributes to ‘Just Let Me Breathe’ resulting in a diverse but flowing single.

“People feel so much pressure on a daily basis from society, family and friends to be someone they want them to be and it is suffocating. The older I get the more free I have become of all of that, but it’s not easy to be true to who I am when it’s hard to just breathe. I hope this song empowers people to be who they really are and not fall into the pressures from everyone around them.” – Jacqueline Loor on ‘Just Let Me Breathe’

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