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Track Review: Sudafed // Jakob Kupferberg

Never one to turn from a controversial issue, Jakob Kuperberg brings us another banger of the sociopolitical kind in ‘Sudafed’. A native of Denmark, this provocative singer-songwriter uses his gruff vocals and acoustic guitar to not only inform but also inspire change in troubled times. It’s true, Denmark has been noted as one of the happiest countries on Earth; however, Jakob is not one to ignore the challenges that make life slightly more distressing.

Combining the intimacy of the late Jeff Buckley’s ‘Hallelujah’ to the jagged rage of Rage Against The Machine, Jakob bares his soul with gritty elegance and charm. Alright, so talking about mental health is not necessarily elegant or charming, but this talented singer-songwriter brings the issues to light in an infectious melody called ‘Sudafed’.

As part of his contemplative EP Sweet Surrender, ‘Sudafed’ is a blues meets rock-inspired song that will not only ensnare your senses but make your day all the better despite the intimidating and concerning lyricism. Laying throaty vocals atop a dynamic guitar, Jakob drags you into a world of emotional instability and desperation.

What I love about Jakob Kupferberg’s music is the potency of his content coupled with soul-stirring vocals and ‘Sudafed’ takes this to another level. While the track may begin with a smirking bittersweet swagger, it soon descends into a manifestation of raging vulnerability. A defiant masterpiece of being torn between uncertainty and anger, ‘Sudafed’ makes you want to scream at the top of your lungs but hug yourself to find a sense of comfort in the tear-evoking music.

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