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Track Review: Magdalene // Jane Allison

With experience in the television, theatre, film and music industry, it is no wonder that Jane Allison‘s music has a sophistication with a sheen of perfection. Bringing together the intimacy of Leonard Cohen with the buoyancy of Reba McEntire, Jane’s singles are emotive and infectious with lyrical depth. The latest single to her repertoire is the country single ‘Magdalene’.

Combining a steady drumbeat with moving guitars, ‘Magdalene’ has a strong country flavour from the first chord. Incorporating her throaty vocals with a slight nasal twinge, Jane effortlessly forms the foundation for what could be either a pensive or party song. In fact, the tune has a glimmer of both upbeat Kelly Clarkson and poignant John Denver.

A rather chilled track, ‘Magdalene’ is the perfect song for a Spring Break playlist; however, it has a reflective nostalgia amidst the toe-tapping, head-bopping lyricism that lingers long after the song has ended. The first song off her upcoming third album Like Magdalene, Jane Allison describes the track as “the most breezy song off the album with a recently electrified vibe of late 60s Laurel Canyon” with the aim of a “hope-filled chaser of surrender to help you drift away”. I have to say that Jane has definitely showcased the surreal surrender in her latest single. I can’t wait to hear the new album!

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