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Track Review: Just A Memory // Jaqueline Loor

Hailing from the USA, but now living in Spain, singer-songwriter Jacqueline Loor combines the intimacy of Janis Joplin with the power of Florence + The Machine. Growing up listening to classic rock artists, one can easily consider Jacqueline’s music to have a strong Rolling Stones or U2 influence; however, this is only half the case. The power of Janis Joplin certainly comes through in her work, but it is tinged with contemporary pop and 90s alternative rock to add that unique edge. The latest addition to Jacqueline’s critically acclaimed discography is the single ‘Just A Memory’.

Reminiscent of Taylor Swift, ‘Just A Memory’ is a heartfelt pop song touching on the confusion and distress involved in romantic relationships. Well-layered, the track incorporates basic piano with drum machine beats to build the foundation for a moving single. Yet, while the melody creates a spine-chilling soundscape, it is Jacqueline’s vocals that enhance the intensity of ‘Just A Memory’.

Showing that simplicity can be more emotive and evocative than the biggest “bells and whistles” execution, ‘Just A Memory’ has an overwhelming genuineness that is utterly beguiling. For me, the best aspect of the track is Jacqueline’s haunting vocals. Adding an odd aloofness in encompassing richness, Jacqueline pours forth her heart and soul with a tinge of sentimentality and nostalgic melancholy.

So, do I like it? Yes, I do. The power of simple instrumentation cascading over you like a melodic waterfall is enchanting and something Jacqueline Loor excels at.

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