Track Review: Jaws // Sleep Token

Sleep Token is a collective of musicians who worship the divinity of ‘sleep’, which bestows civilians with both dreams and nightmares. This deity is present in everyone’s minds, with every thought from happiness and joy to anguish and despair lurking in the subconscious background.

This comes across in the music, the minimal production and crushing guitars combining to form a massive wall of sound. A perfect example is on the bands’ latest single, ‘Jaws.’


‘Jaws’ is a track that oozes beauty, from the stunning synths to the gorgeous vocals, which convey emotion in the listener. When the drums kick in, the anticipation is raised and without warning, a heavy guitar tone hits you like a train. There is a synth melody that repeats itself throughout the song. It places the listener in a dreamlike state, adding an atmospheric vibe.


‘Jaws’ is a perfect introduction to Sleep Token’s aesthetic. It adds to the bands’ mystery and with their reputation in the heavy scene increasing, keep your eyes firmly on Sleep Token in the future.

Feature photo credit: Olli Appleyard Photography

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos


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