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Track Review: Autofunk // Jaymotts

Merging their passion for indie-rock, funk and offbeat humour, UK natives Jonathan Hall (guitars and vocals) and Chris Le Mottee (bass) are sharing their witty funk-influenced indie-rock with the masses. Working under the name Jaymotts, the “newbie” duo released their debut EP Stars of Cheese in late-2020 to critical acclaim. Featured in The Other Side Reviews, RGM, FV Music Blog and Talk About Pop Music, to name but a few, Jaymotts is building a reputation for humorous lyricism over groovy melodies. One of the latest additions to their discography is the single ‘Autofunk’.

“‘Autofunk’ wryly delves into the modern fascination of AI technology and how humankind and machine intertwine. Think of it as The Terminator with Nile Rodgers in Arnie’s role.” – Jaymotts on ‘Autofunk’

Dragging a combination of 1980s funk with old-school electropop and 1990s indie-rock to the 21st Century, ‘Autofunk’ is high-paced and energetic in a disjointed way. Quite brusque and slightly frenzied in parts, the soul-stirring instrumentation is matched by monotone vocals; however, it is this monotone execution that captures your attention. The juxtaposition of flowing guitars seems to be working with and against the English-inflexed 80s synth-pop vocal work.

Yes, it seems a bit jarring; however, the lyrical content and execution belie the humorous theme. Using a narrative from the perspective of the machine, Jaymotts add a humane insight into the machine’s mind. It is with this amusing aspect that one can easily visualise a robot dealing with complex human emotions while dancing beneath a disco ball. It’s almost like listening to Marvin the Paranoid Android from The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy share his innermost emotions over a really funky, infectious beat.

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