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Track Review: Joan Kelsey // Horses

Uniquely fusing acoustic guitar with a cello and fiddle, Joan Kelsey is an intriguing folk trio from Greenfield Center, New York. Formed in 2018, the threesome composed two sets of songs before parting ways; however, they are back with a charming new album House of Mercy. Elegantly weaving poetic lyricism over calming melodies, singer-songwriters Joan Kelsey display vulnerability with their delicate folk music. In this article, we will look at their single ‘Horses’.

The second track from their 2020 album House of Mercy, ‘Horses’ is a reflective track touching on issues of regret, self-worth and nostalgic frustration. While a poignant and sombre single, Joan Kelsey inject a sense of hopefulness with their insightful lyricism. Melding simple vocals with flowing instrumentation, Joan Kelsey showcase their fragility in an elegant way.

While the track may seem lighthearted and laidback, ‘Horses’ is a forlorn jolt of reality in a serene setting. Weaving moving vocals into a soothing melody – like a thread of gold in a silver blanket, Joan Kelsey showcase sincerity, sentimentality and honesty in this latest track. I’m not much of a folk fan, but the soul-touching nature of ‘Horses’ can turn me to this type of music.

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