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Track Review: Something About You // Joel Renker

Hailing from Schiedam in the Netherlands, Joel Renker is a talented multi-instrumentalist who writes, records and produces his own music. Motivated by the late Avicii, Joel was inspired to perform as a DJ at the age of thirteen. Yet, it was not only DJ skills that Joel improved. Since his teenage years, he learned how to play different organic instruments and studied Music Production in Amsterdam. The latest addition to his eclectic store of songs is the single ‘Something About You’.

Collaborating with the Pakistan-born singer-songwriter Saif Altaf, who he met through a mutual friend, ‘Something About You’ is emotive and intriguing. Passion for music is what drew Joel and Saif together and this is evident in the pop single ‘Something About You’. While there is a reference to dance beats, it is the incorporation of organic instrumentation that enhances the harmonic flow of Saif’s soothing vocals.

As with many pop singles, ‘Something About You’ has a charming narrative placed atop a heartwarming melody. Similar to Justin Bieber, Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift, the track touches on issues of love, romance and trust; however, the clarity and impassioned execution of the lyrics adds wistful sincerity to the tune. Robust, rich and filled with warmth, Saif shares his “boy meets girl” tale with a sense of youthful carelessness enveloped in whimsical sincerity.

Not necessarily breaking boundaries, but certainly a breath of fresh air in a saturated pop scene, ‘Something About You’ is elegant, entrancing and endearing.

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