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Track Review: John Mason // Time To Think

Following that dream of the “nomadic musician beginning the journey with nothing and making it big”, UK-born John Mason arrived in New York, USA, with no smartphone, his guitar named Grace and $200. Despite the meagre beginnings (although $200 is not to be sniffed at), Mason landed up travelling and touring throughout the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe. After playing with his band CAB Collective, this new solo project quickly led to a reputation of powerful lyrics, soothing melodies and a growing following.

“‘Time To Think’ is about the grandness of small things – looking past the superficial in people or the mundane in a rainy morning to see something beautiful. The chorus comes from personal experience and attempts to state the importance of learning to trust yourself instead of only looking for someone else for answers.” – John Mason on ‘Time To Think’

A follow-up to the well-received ‘Coral for Coal’, ‘Time To Think’ is a more upbeat and optimistic track than ‘Coral for Coal’. Retaining the acoustic guitar-driven sound, the singer-songwriter incorporates the lightness of pop with the intensity of folk transitioning from a defined to evolving style. However, it is Mason’s bold vocals seamlessly weaving into the instrumentation that emphasises the concept of positivity.

The second single off his upcoming album, produced with ARIA winning producer Adrian Breakspear, ‘Time To Think’ walks that delicate balance between poignancy and indifferent bluntness. Either way, I like what I’m listening to and can’t wait for more.

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