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Track Review: John Tocco // Over There

Influenced by the likes of heavy funk icon James Brown, it is clear that John Tocco would “get on up; get on the scene” – take the words at face value or you have a whole other world of “getting up”. Already an active artist on the Long Island music scene, John has performed with artists like The New York Voices, Shoba Narayan and Timothy Mitchum Jr. Amidst the chaos of 2020, there is some light with John Tocco taking on a solo project.

In April 2020, John released his debut album Almost on the Bright Side followed by his monthly “singles project” – a project where he releases one single every month for a year. The released singles will then culminate in his second album. His fourth instalment in the “singles project” is ‘Over There’.

“This song is inspired specifically by my experiences in a long-distance relationship and puts forward two messages – one is a message of hope for the relationship, but the other is a reassurance that the other person will be okay as an individual no matter what happens.” – John Tocco on ‘Over There’

Melodic, upbeat and engaging, ‘Over There’ is a personal narrative creating a cinematic soundscape of relatability and funky vibes. A guitar-driven track, the single explores the realms of 1960s funk and soul but with a contemporary edge. It’s as if John is hauling James Brown, Kool & The Gang and Earth, Wind and Fire into the 21st century with his own stamp on things.

Alright, John’s vocals may not be as iconic as Phil Bailey; however, he is on the road to R&B meets funk stardom. The soothing vocals are both smooth but contain a rough rawness showcasing this singer-songwriter’s versatility and flexibility as an artist. I love it!

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