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Track Review: Self Isolation // Jon Sandman

Already gracing our digital pages, Jon Sandman is an eclectic artist with a distinctive folk sound. I would compare Sandman to other established acts, but the simplicity and sincerity of his sound can overshadow acts like Tom Odell, James Blunt, The Script and Jason Mraz. In addition to his solo act, Jon performs in Pylon Heights and Jon & Abbie; however, the solo project is the most experimental of his moving music. The latest addition to Sandman’s repertoire is the single ‘Self Isolation’.

“‘Self Isolation’ is my ode to Covid – a reflection on a year of loneliness and a slight rebuke to those responsible for the current state of affairs. It’s gently political but also deeply personal. Lyrically, I think that it’s a song that a lot of people will connect to.” – Jon Sandman on ‘Self Isolation’

Recorded at Sandman’s home studio in Cambridgeshire, also known as his bedroom attic, ‘Selfless Isolation’ is an endearing single in a charming package. Touching on the vulnerability, fear, angst and frustration of dealing with Covid-19 lockdowns make the new song a sonic representation of the fragility of the human spirit. Beautiful in its elegant simplicity, organic instrumentation melds seamlessly with the bold, rich vocals.

What I find particularly intriguing about Jon Sandman’s music, both in his solo and group projects, is the genuineness and innovativeness of the songs. The stripped-back acoustic style of ‘Selfless Isolation’ is another example of Sandman’s kaleidoscopic soundscape despite the barebones guitar, piano and vocals. Melodically moving, but with a lingering sentimentality in the reflective lyrical content, the track is like being encased in a warm blanket with a soul-stirring tingling in your toes.

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