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Track Review: Josh Halper // Who Knows

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee – that’s in the USA to be specific – Josh Halper is a talented young guitarist with a reputation for engaging lyricism and infectious melodies. With his curious combination of American and Jewish cultures, Josh captures the essence of youthful angst, humour, vulnerability and curiosity. Featured in The Other Side Reviews, New Commute, Nashville Scene and Americana UK, Josh is reaching audiences on both a national and international level. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘Who Knows’.

One of the tracks off his critically acclaimed debut album Alrightnik, ‘Who Knows’ is a warm, cheery track lying somewhere between Randy Newman and Jamie Cullum. Fusing his soulful vocals with a steady, soothing acoustic guitar – although there is a bit of an Eric Clapton-esque riff near the end of the track – Josh showcases his innovativeness and versatility as an artist. While the instrumentation is dynamic, it is the warmth of his vocals that makes ‘Who Knows’ a winner.

Witty lyricism layered over a charming melody, ‘Who Knows’ is the sonic representation of youthful naivete and recklessness. Josh may be a new artist in the game, but his dulcet tones and engaging sound are reminiscent of a far more sophisticated and mature musician. Personally, I love the sincerity and heartfelt emotion in his music and I can’t wait for more!

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