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Track Review: Joy Control // Modern Guilt

Described by Chalkpit Records as having a sound that “…already has a level of maturity that makes it both distinctive and confident”, the English group Modern Guilt is building a reputation for being awesome. Sophistication and elegance can be heard throughout their hard-hitting music, but there remains a grittiness to their tunes that is reminiscent of the 80s indie-rock style. Only a couple years in, Modern Guilt has been featured on notable press like Clunk Magazine, Sinusoidal Music, The Other Side Reviews and various playlists.

Following the critically acclaimed debut EP, You’re Welcome, the London-based quintet release their single ‘Joy Control’. Well received by Rowena Alice (BBC Radio), John Kennedy (Radio X) and Shell Zenner (Amazing Radio), it appears Modern Guilt is turning heads and making people smile all over the place. But what do we at Nexus Music Blog think about ‘Joy Control’? Read on…

Produced with Mikey Buckley, ‘Joy Control’ combines Modern Guilt’s signature indie-rock style but also inserts tinges of old-school rock and roll. The combination of pounding drums, dynamic guitars and underlying synths brings a unique old-school flavour to contemporary audiences. Beautifully textured and layered, ‘Joy Control’ has a harmonic melding of instrumentation while still offering dominance to each element. What I mean is, while you can clearly hear each instrument the arrangement brings everything together as a magnificent whole.

While the melody is heart-pumping, it is the gritty vocals that add a little something extra. Modern Guilt shares that ‘Joy Control’ “…lyrically depicts the frustrations of watching an individual, for a multitude of reasons, choose not to become someone you thought they could be” – a theme represented by the gruff vocal tones. Filled with anger and anxiety, you can hear the frustration oozing from the track.

All in all, I’d say we like this song. It’s ideal when you just want to shout out and punch something.

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