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Track Review: Joy Is Where // AUNT.T

The brainchild of singer-songwriter Fausat Abioye, AUNT.T combines elements of folk, soul, funk and pop to form her unique sound. Describing her music as “creating raw, soulful, emotive songs that explore the mysterious truth”, AUNT.T connects with listeners on both an existential and intimate level. A new artist, AUNT.T has only two songs to her name, but she has been featured on some of the more notable press including Our Sound Music, Roadie Music, Less Than 1000 Followers, and several online radio stations/podcasts. The latest addition to her discography is ‘Joy Is Where’.

Influenced greatly by “the rich tapestry of feelings”, AUNT.T uses a personal narrative to not only enhance intimacy but also connect with listeners on a deeper level. Simplistic in its style, ‘Joy Is Where’ is a basic combination of acoustic guitars and rich vocals. I find this intriguing as the melodic harmonies add both a melancholic sound but also resonate in a tender way. No hazy ambience melody-wise, but the concept of relationships and life combined with the charming tune creates a haziness of its own.

As I mentioned, AUNT.T uses personal narratives as a lyrical structure and this is clear in ‘Joy Is Where’. AUNT.T explains that the track was “inspired by personal experiences in romantic partnerships and coming to a conclusion that I am responsible for my own happiness”. Reflective and introspective, ‘Joy Is Where’ touches on anxiety and confusion; however, the soothing tone holds empowerment, self-approval and sincere acceptance. I suppose the soulful vocals enhance the provocative and evocative nature of the song – so basic but so complex in content.

Along with the single, AUNT.T released an official music video for ‘Joy Is Where’. Adopting a DIY approach, the video was directed, filmed and edited by the London-based songstress. Generally, I am unable to watch videos because of strobes and lighting effects, but this was different. An obviously homemade video, there are no “bells and whistles”, per se. What I do find is despite the lack of strobes and whatnot, the video holds an intimacy and sentimentality for viewers looking into the hidden complexities of relationships. It’s simplicity that makes this song and video unique. It’s the simplicity that I love.

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