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Track Review: Juliet // Presley Duyck

Presley Duyck has always been a woman who knows her own mind. With a determined enthusiasm, she tried to form a band called The Everyday Heartbreakers as a kindergartener. The only problem was that she and her fellow bandmates couldn’t play instruments, forget the fact that they were only four years old. Adorable and amusing, however, Presley had no plan to remain adorably amusing as a musician. In her early-20s, she used the influence of Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac to devise her own unique sound. The latest single from the US-based singer-songwriter is ‘Juliet’.

Following her critically acclaimed track ‘Happy 22!’, Presley adopts an intense folk-inspired style splashed with her own folk-rock flair. Described by Kristina Mondo of Radio Airplay as “…bringing back that in-your-face, strong female voice from her tone and independent attitude, and a powerful air of confidence”, and this is truly evident in ‘Juliet’. An acoustic-inspired track, Presley highlights her dynamic personality with merely her voice and a guitar. While I can compare her to the iconic Stevie Nicks, I am beginning to consider Presley Duyck to be completely original and one day rivalling Miss Nicks.

Alright, now to the song itself. Yes, the acoustic, toe-tapping tune is enough to keep you grinning; however, there is a juxtaposition between the light-hearted, upbeat melody and the poignant lyricism. Taking on the Shakespearean tale of Romeo and Juliet, Presley touches on elements of vulnerability and sensitivity in her take on the classic story. Yet, while there appears to be a degree of melancholia in the context, Presley’s verses have a flirtatious quality focusing on the endearing side of young love despite it being lost love.

Lying somewhere between folk and folk-rock, ‘Juliet’ is edgy and youthful with the poetic lyricism elegantly executed with mature sophistication. I adore Romeo and Juliet so this spin was very welcome, and I can’t wait to see what else Presley Duyck has in store.

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