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Track Review. Jungle // Yellowlees

In September last year, we introduced all our Nexus readers to singer-songwriter Yellowlees (read our review here). While he hasn’t been silent since then releasing a well-received single ‘On The City Walls’, he is now hitting our desk with the latest track ‘Jungle’. For those who don’t know him, here’s an intro to Yellowlees.

From the South Coast of England, Pete Rapp is making music under the pseudonym Yellowlees. With a reputation for passionate, captivating and engaging performances, Pete has a strong stage presence, but he also captures people off-stage. Featured on publications like Atwood Magazine, The Other Side Reviews, Turtle Tempo and Chalkpit, the UK-based artist is turning heads across the globe. Melding elements of folk-rock, pop and funk, his music has a unique and eclectic sound. As I mentioned, the latest addition to his repertoire is ‘Jungle’.

High-spirited and endearing, there is upbeat joviality to ‘Jungle’. Collaborating with musicians James Duff and Tom Baird on drums and guitars respectively, ‘Jungle’ is a melting pot of emotion and skill. Adding his harmonic vocals to the heart-thumping melody, Yellowlees adds superb textures and layers to the song. Describing his song as “a properly massive rock song”, Pete presents his innovativeness to punch rock into an indie-folk tune.

Depth is not only seen in the melody, but also in the lyricism. Using personal experiences in an intimate narrative, ‘Jungle’ has a storytelling quality amidst the dynamic sound. Yellowlees explains that the song is “a bit of a wry look back on how I was feeling and have continued to feel while growing up and taking steps into my twenties..” Reflective and introspective, ‘Jungle’ touches on aspects of mental health, self-doubt, inner conflict and self-destruction.

What I find intriguing is how the poignant lyrical themes are represented in a buoyant melody. I suppose it is this juxtaposition that showcases Yellowlees’ maturity in songwriting, particularly as the upbeat music encourages feelings of empowerment and optimism over the despairing content. Penned in 2018, ‘Jungle’ has “been around for a little while before now” and with its meaningful melody, it is evident Yellowlees has evolved since then.

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