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Track Review: Just Kids // elkvilla

The brainchild of singer-songwriter Adam Dudek, elkvilla is a contemporary brand of indie-folk music. With his soothing melodies and dulcet tones, Adam connects with listeners on a deeper and more profound level. I mean, his music definitely has a strong lyrical message but in such a way that you are soothed while listening to the poignant content. His simplicity is what really captures me, but let me not leave you in suspense. I am happy to introduce you to Adam Dudek with his single ‘Just Kids’.

Described as a collection of “…achingly beautiful acoustic and post-rock tunes that fit the soundtrack of falling snow”, elkvilla has captured the hearts of critics across the globe. Featured in Chalkpit Records, Indie Music Center, Sinusoidal Music, Roadie Music, The Other Side Reviews and various playlists, ‘Just Kids’ places elkvilla in a new breed of indie-folk. While penned on the seaside of Sydney, ‘Just Kids’ was mixed and mastered in Adam’s Berlin apartment. Its basic genuineness is truly a testament to humble beginnings.

With the intimacy of Paul Simon and the soulfulness of John Mayer, the new track has a calming sound. Not a hazy ambience but definitely a dash of languidness slathered atop the harmonic melody, ‘Just Kids’ has a tenderness that touches your soul. Released just before his debut EP Strangers, elkvilla showcases a softer side to his music. I’m not saying Strangers is particularly forceful but ‘Just Kids’ is a nice introduction to elkvilla.

Adding a heartfelt “cherry on the top”, ‘Just Kids’ includes both female and male vocals. While Adam can charm you with his John Mayer meets James Blunt voice, the addition of a female counterpart enhances the sense of vulnerability. So, what do I think overall? Personally, I love the single and it will definitely be on repeat to help me de-stress after a long day’s work.

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