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Track Review: Next To Me // Juze

Fusing commercial pop with elements of shoegaze and R&B, Juze has a synth-laden sound to soothe your ear while ensnaring your senses. Working with artists like Chris Brown, Kelly Roland, BTX, Zoe Wees and Ed Sheeran, Juze has honed his sound to represent his passion for music. He made his singing debut with a surreal cover of Snow Patrol’s ‘Chasing Cars’, but this is the first time Juze releases an original track. ‘Next To Me’ is the introduction of this talented singer-songwriter to the world.

Released as the first part of his upcoming album scheduled for December 2021, ‘Next To Me’ is a charming track filled with sentimentality. The upbeat synths carry the tune in a catchy, toe-tapping style; however, it is the lyricism that really adds character to the single. Using a compelling but highly relatable narrative, Juze slathers poignancy onto the harmonic melody.

“‘Next To Me’ is about my girlfriend that I’ve met just before Covid hit us and who I have seen only three times throughout the whole year. It hasn’t been easy to be in a long-distance relationship where you are out of control (travel restrictions). I think lots of people are missing partners, family and friends and can relate to my song.” – Juze on ‘Next To Me’

Exploring themes of love, isolation and frustration, Juze shares his experiences in a long-distance relationship. While the track contains the desperation of isolation and loneliness, we hear an upbeat optimism woven within the depths of the infectious melody. It’s as if he knows he won’t see his love for some time, but there is still the hope and promise of romance in the future. Complicated but beguiling, Juze uses robust vocals and soulful synths in ‘Next To Me’ finding the balance between joy and despair.

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