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Track Review: Keep The World Alive // Brian Mackay

Combining the organic with the synthetic, US-based Brian Mackay merges synths and acoustic instrumentation in his original music. Using elements of pop, folk and indie-rock, Brian teeters on the cusp of symphonic harmonies and overwhelming oddness. With a few tours and critically acclaimed releases under his belt, Brian seems to know what he’s doing. The latest addition to his well-received discography is ‘Keep The World Alive’.

Insightful to the tee, ‘Keep The World Alive’ is a sonic representation of 2020. An uncertain year that faced not only concerning sociopolitical issues but also prompted anxiety and fear throughout global populations. Bringing to light the effects of Covid-19, Brian eloquently explores how life has changed during the pandemic with melancholic lyricism – but also a sense of hopefulness for the future.

With the intimacy of Bob Dylan, Brian Mackay uses a stripped-back melody to engage with his listeners. Beautiful in its simplicity, an acoustic guitar complements the bold, rich vocals. The interspersed violin adds a “plucking at your heartstrings” element making you tremble at the point of tears.

What I find most intriguing about ‘Keep The World Alive’ is the witty, amusing lyricism. Provoking smiles with lyrics like “2020 sucks so far” and “all out of toilet paper” strikes a chord showing how Brian is experiencing exactly what you are experiencing. Yet, while these entertaining, albeit slightly melancholic, are endearing it is the inspirational narrative that really has an impact. We need to keep this world alive and Brian Mackay’s new single will help us do that.

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