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Track Review: Keeping My Number // Render Ghosts

Bringing three unique talents together into one eclectic dream-pop band, Render Ghosts certainly has the melting pot theme going for it. Combining the skills of UK sound artist Iain Chambers, classically trained chamber pop composer Tom O.C. Wilson, and Dutch singer-songwriter Tamara van Esch, Render Ghosts oozes innovativeness and obscurity. Featured in The Other Side Reviews, Sinusoidal Music, Rising Artists Blog and various radio stations, such as Amazing Radio and BBC Introducing, Render Ghosts are reaching individuals on a global level. We take a look at their single ‘Keeping My Number’.

Following the critically acclaimed debut track ‘Eye Rhyme’, ‘Keeping My Number’ adopts a synth-filled pop sound with catchy verses and even catchier choruses. Smooth and flowing, the melodic arrangement of synths and keyboards places you in a bubble-gum pink swirl of sound. Yet, while there is an underlying soothing melody, the layers of synthetic beats and van Esch’s rich vocals make ‘Keeping My Number’ more complex.

What I find particularly intriguing about ‘Keeping My Number’ is not the intricate melody but the bittersweet interplay of lyrical content. A happy, upbeat and grin-inducing song, you can feel easily lose yourself in its joviality; however, the lyrical theme is about ending relationships. Actually, it’s one character trying to make her ex see that their love story is over. A personal narrative by van Esch adds a sense of intimacy with a bit of a frustrated “seriously, we’re not getting back together” vibe.

Described by Gifted Balance Records as a trio that “…come together to create truly beautiful music…”, it is clear that Render Ghosts has something great going on. This is my introduction to Render Ghosts and I’m totally in love. Keep an eye on this group, they’re going to be sensational (actually they already are).

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