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Track Review: Keyfinder // Walk On By

The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist (and we seriously mean multi-instrumentalist) Sam Wyant, Keyfinder will take you from bored to overly ecstatic in only a few chords. Having received coverage from blogs, such as FV Music Blog, and indie radio stations, as well as performing at the Bigfoot Music Festival in Putnam, Illinois, Keyfinder has been making waves on a national scale. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘Walk On By’.

From the guitar to the drums, keys, bass and even accordion, Illinois-based Sam Wyant has a plethora of sound in a tidy package. Noting his influences as mid-2000s alternative rock, ‘Walk On By’ is reminiscent of Animal Collective, Bright Eyes and Modest Mouse with the older rock sounds of Black Sabbath.

“It’s about hearing a noise in an alley, but when you look there’s nothing there. It’s about human suffering as I’m sure we can all relate.” – Keyfinder on ‘Walk On By’

Slow and steady with smooth guitars and keys, ‘Walk On By’ leans toward the darker side of the soul with melancholic and sombre lyrics. Inspired by “a very bad dream”, the track is personal and poignant with the raw honesty enhanced by Sam’s soulful vocals. While Sam plans to release a new track, ‘A Potion’ recording a “demon’s vocals”, ‘Walk On By’ is more haunting and spine-chilling than most singles I have come across recently. I love it!!

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