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Track Review: Be Happy // Kid Violet

If The Strokes were to have a lovechild with Oasis and it was raised by The Libertines, the chances are likely it would be the UK-based indie-rock quartet Kid Violet. Only formed in 2019, the group has a bit of a “newbie status” about it; however, this has not placed them at the back of the line among their contemporaries. Featured in The Other Side Reviews, Words For Music, Gigwise, Chalkpit Records, It’s All Indie and Little Indie Blogs, the group is grabbing people’s attention in a very good way. The latest addition to their critically acclaimed discography is the single ‘Be Happy’.

Moving on from their well-received single ‘Lights Out’, Kid Violet ditch the Joy Division-esque sound for a more sophisticated merging of The Strokes and U2. Demonstrating their versatility as artists, Billy (vocals), Charley (guitar), Powel (guitar), Mateo (bass) and Tom (drums) present a high-powered rock song with some indie influences – particularly the prominent English-inflexed vocals reminiscent of Pete Doherty. Pounding drums and dynamic guitars, including a particularly compelling guitar solo, complement Billy’s gruff vocals resulting in an infectious and anthemic single.

Frontman Billy summarises the effect of Kid Violet’s music quite succinctly saying it is “ready to pull at your heartstrings and blow your face off in a matter of seconds.” Alright, so my face is still very much intact, but their songs do tug at my heartstrings leaving me gasping for breath. Urging people to “be happy” with their single ‘Be Happy’, the lads breathe a sense of nostalgic optimism in their insightful melody. Honest and sentimental, Billy’s rough vocals harmonise with the emotive instrumentation making the track quite robust in its own way. Completely enchanting, Kid Violet enter your brain, shake it about a little, reverberate down your spin and leave you with a tingling sensation in your toes.

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