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Track Review: Kipani // Enlighten Me

The brainchild of American singer-songwriter Tiffany Jhingoor, Kipani is a fusion of pop, indie and folk all rolled into one talented artist. Encouraged to embrace music at a very young age, Kipani was taught to play the piano – much to her chagrin. It was later in life that she realised the usefulness of her classical training as she pursued her solo career. Combining her knowledge with her love for indie-pop, Tiffany ignited the flame that would take her to infinity and beyond.

Still a relatively new act on the scene, Kipani has several singles and one album to her name; however, she is by no means sitting in the background waiting for a break. Being featured in notable publications like Turtle Tempo, Buzz Music and The Other Side Reviews, this songstress is quickly building a reputation for elegant and refreshing music. The follow-up to the well-received ‘Have It All’ is ‘Enlighten Me’.

Highly engaging, ‘Enlighten Me’ is an upbeat and emotional track displaying Kipani’s strong vocals superbly. Looking at the role of female musicians in this very male-dominated industry, ‘Enlighten Me’ is an insightful and empowering ode to strong women everywhere. With witty and sarcastic lyricism, Kipani delicately explores the realms of suppression and liberation.

Reminiscent of iconic folk artist Carol King, ‘Enlighten Me’ is a stripped-back single oozing sincerity and raw honesty. Combining the prominent piano with soothing vocals (but lively at the same time), Kipani holds all females up saying “we are here and we won’t be going away”.

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