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Track Review: Stay In // Kipani

Nexus Music Blog is no stranger to the pop sensation that is Kipani having reviewed her previous single ‘Enlighten Me’; however, we thought we’d introduce you to her again. The solo project of US-based singer-songwriter Tiffany Jhingoor, Kipani is a fusion of pop, folk and soul. Featured in blogs like Buzz Music, Reignland Magazine, Turtle Tempo and The Other Side Reviews, as well as airtime on online radio stations, Kipani has grabbed the attention of audiences across the globe. The latest release from this talented artist is the single ‘Stay In’.

A piano-driven track, ‘Stay In’ perfectly showcases Kipani’s classical training as a pianist alongside her modern pop vocals. While there are leanings toward Lana Del Rey, Kipani’s music is actually entirely distinctive and incomparable. Combining hushed tones with a strong piano melody, ‘Stay In’ has a flowing and soothing quality. It is, however, the softness of the dulcet vocals that adds a sentimentality and raw honesty to the music.

“This song was written about the sense of security that home brings, shielding us from the harsh outside world. Although this was not originally intended to be released right away, it seemed like the perfect time because we are all taking comfort within our homes these days… With its dreamy vocals and airy synths, this song’s intention is to create an atmosphere and different experience for each listener.” – Kipani on ‘Stay In’

Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to Kipani’s sound. While ‘Stay In’ moves from her more robust singles ‘Enlighten Me’ and ‘Have It All’, the track holds a surreal robustness all of its own. The difference in genres showcases Kipani’s versatility as an artist, but it is the way she makes a rather haunting and barebones single well-rounded and refined that illustrates her innovativeness.

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