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Track Review: Koalra // We Can Scream

Rising out of, well not ashes but soil, of Chicago, Illinois, Koalra is a fusion of grunge, punk and garage-rock. Inspired by artists like Sonic Youth and Ween, the emerging foursome has been described as “whimsical and captivating” by The Other Side Reviews – or at least that’s how their single ‘Hooked’ was described. Only formed in 2019/2020, Koalra is a young group but they have received coverage from notable publications Doubtful Sounds, Indie Central Music and Cries in Indie. The latest addition to their growing discography is ‘We Can Scream’.

Following the well-received ‘Hooked’ and ‘Dear Daylight’, ‘We Can Scream’ is the third single off their 14-track album The Waves. Exploring the realm of romantic affairs, ‘We Can Scream’ delves headfirst into heartache, trauma and lost love.

“This song is about the bond created by two people who experience trauma or heartache together.” – Koalra on ‘We Can Scream’

Reminiscent of The Cure and Sonic Youth, Koalra adopt a post-punk meets dream-pop sound in ‘We Can Scream’. Superbly layered, the distorted guitars, ambient synths and haunting vocals create a texture sense of otherworldliness. What I enjoy is how the serene swirl of sound sets the foundation for a wistful melody.

Shrouded with a gossamer web of “I don’t quite know where that’s coming from” vocals, Koalra embraces eclectic instrumentation with poignant lyricism. While ‘We Can Scream’ seems laidback at first glance or rather listen, the desperation and pain of the content can be felt with brusque vocals. Sincere, honest and sentimental, Koalra places their unique stamp on this ethereal track.

Side note: the group also released a music video which can be seen HERE.

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