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Track Review: Last Dance // Blue Coffee

Out of the depths of tragedy, something beautiful can emerge – this is Blue Coffee. Drawn together by the loss of a mutual friend in 2017, Gautier Rodriguez (vocals and guitar), Sebastien Tourel (bass) and Nico de Bank (drums) chose to see where inspiration would take them as artists. Add guitarist Francois Debiol and you have the talented quartet Blue Coffee. With only three singles to their name, one would consider the four-piece to be newbies in the music industry; however, they have been working on their music since 2018 with much success. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Last Dance’.

Following their nine-track album In and Out, Blue Coffee adopt an eclectic sound in ‘Last Dance’. A melodic arrangement of atmospheric guitars, pounding drums and soothing vocals, the France-based band tips you into a kaleidoscopic sonic whirlpool. I could compare the artists to Radiohead, particularly Gautier Rodriguez’s vocal execution; however, there is a more contemporary edginess to the grunge meets indie-rock design. Laidback and smooth but with a sense of melancholia, ‘Last Dance’ is one of those songs you can listen to on repeat.

What I enjoy about ‘Last Dance’ is how the melodic arrangement harmoniously aligns with the conceptual theme. While there is a tinge of nostalgic melancholia in the vocal tone, ‘Last Dance’ is actually an empowering song. Using a personal narrative, the lads share their universe with listeners but “let the song find an echo with someone…and create a personal meaning at the end.” Touching on daydreaming, renewal and forgiveness, sincere sentimentality shines through in the almost echoing melody.

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